About the new "Ink About It on the go!"

Although the retail store in Westford is no longer open, our plan is to have regular events at hotels and other venues where you can take classes, do crafts with friends, and purchase products.  Our "Retail Store on the go!" is a traveling store that we setup just for the day at the venues for all-day events, configured as if it were a full retail location.  The store will be open to anyone, even if you're not registered for the event.  It will be stocked with hundreds of items, including paper stock, stamps, inks, dies, etc. from all the popular vendors that you are used to buying.  The store will be open for anyone, even if you’re not registered for the event or classes.  If there's something you don't see that you'd like us to order for you, please let us know!

New Products!

We’re ordering new products for our upcoming event on May 31st. Stay tuned for more information!

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